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Guests of value

The BB Palazzo Bulgarini is recognized by the region of Tuscany as an operator of the network “Terre di Siena – Ospiti di valore”.

…One more reason to share with all our Green passion!

The project was created in 2008, promoted by the province, municipalities and associations who want to commit to the respect of the environment, the validation of local and traditional culture for an eco-friendly tourism.

Our intent is to pursue the following objectives:

1. protection and improvement of the environment and natural resources through responsible and conscious behaviour which aims
– saving and energy efficiency
– use of renewable energy sources
– minimization of emissions in the atmosphere with the particular to increase carbon emissions
– promotion of ecological mobility in accordance with local government
– Reduction of water consumption and proper management of the water cycle
– Reduction and good management of waste, reducing the use of disposable products, packaging and promotion of recycling
– use of products and services with low environmental impact
– choice of suppliers with environmental certifications and/or energy

2. respect and enhancement of historical and artistic heritage and of the local culture
3. use of products, raw materials and ingredients of the local agri-foods supply chain
4. offer and promotion of products, services, and local recipes of the local tradition
5. proper information to identify the origin, authenticity and quality of the products and services offered
6. promotion of a correct quality/price policy

…We are waiting for you in our green world!

Our rooms

Starts at70each night

Girasole is a 40 square meters Suite Room, with a small terrace overlooking the countryside of Siena. Can be used individually.

  • Breakfast included
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Air conditioning
  • Daily cleaning
Starts at70each night

Iris is a classic single room, of 20 square meters, furnished with taste and refinement. Can be also used for a person.

  • Breakfast included
  • Wi-fi connection
  • LCD TV, kettle, telephone
  • Air conditioning
Starts at70each night

Tulipano is a 20 square meters  Classic double room, with views of the countryside of Siena. Can be used individually.

  • Breakfast included
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • TV LCD, kettle, telephone
  • Air conditioning